Our Book Club

Several years ago, when I was new to blogging, I started a blog specifically as a place for my local book club to keep in touch and also talk about books when they couldn’t attend a meeting or even when they simply wanted the discussion to keep going past our hourly in person allotment each month. The other reason for starting the blog was personal. It happened after I read a book I really wanted to discuss but could not make the meeting. In frustration I opened my laptop, brought up a blog post and started writing. That was even before I entertained the notion of writing fiction as a hobby, let alone a serious sideline business venture.

Regrettably, that blog never really took off. Most of the ladies at that time were not savvy to the new and growing internet let along blogging. Since then, social media and blogs have expanded astronomically. Now, as a published author,  I am finding both a need and a desire to resurrect a blog for my writing in conjunction with my other social media, I still find that original interest and desire to write about books and, perhaps, brag a bit about my book club. Whether they choose to join me in this venture, or if any others would like to vicariously or virtually join in on the discussion via the internet, that all remains to be seen, but all are welcome to read and respond to any of my posts, be they about our book club selections and discussions or anything else.

January seemed like a good time to get things rolling, now that our list of books is set for the year. The 2019 list is available in its own tab at the top of the blog. So, please check it out, read along and watch for upcoming posts about our monthly book club selections. If you happen to be in the area, anyone is welcome to join us on the third Wednesday of the month at the VFW in Staunton, Illinois from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

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