Reading is my favorite past time. So long as I have a story in hand (or swirling in my head) I am never bored and, as Stephen King says, there’s an “escape hatch” to anywhere I want to go. I love writing reviews and sharing recommendations for great books to read. If you’re an indie author who’d like a review, contact me here or through my other review team, The Naked Reviewers. There, you’ll find some great promo packages and more opportunities for reviews.

When it comes to reading, my tastes are quite eclectic and diverse, but my all time favorite genre are historical fiction, romance, YA, psychological thriller,  frontier adventure and maritime sagas. So long as the writing is strong, characters are well developed and plots carefully constructed without relying on tired cliché, tropes and weak dialogue, I’m always down with reader and reviewing. I give fair and balanced reviews and always see the glass half-full rather than half-empty when looking for merits within the story, but I won’t sugar coat anything if there’s room for improvement.

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